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Love And Literacy

• I use my words and my smile to send warm, caring messages to others.
• I use my hands to help, not to hurt.
• I read each day at school, and at home.
• I write carefully to express my ideas in my journals and notebooks.
• I speak clearly and I use new words from my growing vocabulary.

• I show that I am eager to learn.
• I focus on my assigned work; I am not disruptive.

• I help my classmates without asking for anything in return.
• I say kind words to my teachers and do kind things for them.

• I excel in school;
• I don’t just “pass”.
• I strive to improve on my work each day.

Committed Citizenship
• I keep my work area and my cubby neat and clean.
• I will try to fix a problem to make it better, even if I am not the one who messed
  it up.
• I treat others as I would like to be treated.
• I follow the behavior rules of my school/bus, EVEN when no one is watching.

Yearning For Knowledge
• If I’m absent, I make up for missed work.
• If I don’t understand my work, I keep trying until my teacher comes to help me.
• I try to learn new things each day

Photo of front entrance to Great Oaks Legacy Heights Elementary School

Fairmount Heights Elementary School (HES)
Grades K-3
308 S. 9th Street, Newark,
NJ 07103

Campus Director:
Lakeeda Sessoms

Colleen Elam

Operation Manager:
Mike Scott

Main Office:
(973) 221-3400

Founded: 2020-2021
Current Enrollment: 42

Campus Anti-Bullying Contact:
Lakeeda Sessoms